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Product name : Carcase Clamp
Item : CA2513/75
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garantía de calidad 10 años  CARCASE CLAMP Structure feature:

Frame is using strong steel tubes, the press beam is divided into two sections, which can up and down, left and right moving. Selection for manual and automatic model use; build in electrical control cabinet.

Millimetric stick for the reading of the horizontal and vertical measures.

Built-in command and control cabinet.

Timer for the adjusting of pressing time.

Double “START” push buttons.

“EMERGENCY STOP” push button with orange pilot lamp.

Selector for manual or automatic use.

 4 buttons for the manual movement of the vertical and horizontal pressing beams.

2 selectors for the regulation of the clamping power (70%, 85%, 100%).


The CABINET ASSEMBLING CLAMP/CARCASE CLAMP especially suitable manufacture cabinet style cases funiture, exhibition cases, showing shelves, etc.

In order to meet most cabinet furniture dimension,

the Assemble length 2500mm,height 1300mm; Max working width 750mm;

Minimum assemble size 400x400mm;

Assembler machine dimension 3600x900x2000mm;

Net weight 2250kg.

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