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Summary of EUC woodworking 2012 year-end meeting


Dear Colleagues,Partners,Buyer &Suppliers:
The New Year is coming, every year of this period, is time to do evaluation of the past annual performance.


       Mentioned assessment, some colleagues will beginning think themselves if they are completed the sales target. In fact, to achieve sales goals should be, but which absolutely not what we want. Our finical department accounting sales data, but administration department, production department, sale department must be consider something else.

…Company funding level of profitability and efficiency;

…Product profitability and efficiency level;

…Market share change in new and old area;

…User /distributor satisfaction;

…After-sales service efficiency;

         During 2012 we harvested health, pleasantly moments, surprises and a lot of success together with our customers. Company organizational structure did adjustment,Russia wood project being start, company plaza will be finish,some woodworking machines, eg:veneer dryer,veneer slicer have quantity  breakthroughs in season sale, veneer stacker be innovation; timber machines ,America pump parts production continuing stable.

        We also experienced a lot of difficult challenges, funding constraints, the shrinking of the overall market demand, rapid adjustment changes in the organization's 5 divisions, etc.

       A lot of things happened this year is remarkable in the history of development of the Baishengyuan Group company. So this year, we have reason to give yourself a red envelope! If you think the red envelope is not big enough, continue to work hard. If you feel too much in your personal red envelope,speak loudly, seriously and gratefully to your customers, to your colleagues and partners, thank you!  

In 2012, we worked hard. We enjoyed happy life, happy work, a good New Year. During Lunar New Year good to spend money, travel well, a good vacation. Buy gift to your family.

In 2013, we work forward,prepare exhibition and service many more wood business owners and wood machines business man.

Finally,thanks again to our customer,partner,logistic company,supplier,colleague.