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Product name : Double Side Planer
Item : MBX206F;MBX204F;
Price : 8500EUR
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garantía de calidad 10 años

Machine working capacity
Maximum Planning width
 610 mm  (420mm optional)

Maximum planning thickness  170 mm (200mm optional)
Minimum planning thickness 10 mm 
Minimum Planning length  320 mm 

Spiral Cutter Heads Optional
Maximum Planning capacity of upper tool axle per time  5 mm

Maximum Planning capacity of lower tool axle per time  3 mm 
Feed speed (stepless speed changing)(m/min) 4.1-19.5 
Spindle speed of upper and lower tool axles (rpm) 4500 
Cutting speed of upper and lower tool axles (m/s)  27 
Cuttig diameter of upper and lower tool axles 125 mm 
Lift speed  (mm/min) 90 

Motor power
Upper tool axle motor power (kw) 11 
Lower tool axle motor power (kw) 7.5 
Feed motor power (kw) 2.2 
Lift motor power (kw) 0.37; 
Overall dimensions (mm) 2554*1117*1677 
Weight (kg) 3200

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