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Product name : Auto Edge Banding Machine 6CJ
Item : 6CJ
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Auto Edge Banding Machine 6CJ Standard Paramters:
Feeding panel speed 12-24m/min
Working panel length not less 120mm
Working panel width not less 80mm
Working panel thickness 10-60mm
Edge tage thickness 0.4-3mm
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Motor power 15.6kw
Weigth 2350kg
Dimension size 6.1x1.45x1.65m (20x4.8x5.4ft)

Auto Edge Banding Machine 6CJ  Features
01)  Aluminum pressure beam be precision,stiffness; Electric control of up&down beam

02) Teflon coated glue pot, for EVA hot-met glue.

03) One pre-pressure roller and 04 post rollers to press edge tape pieces frimly

Touching screen interface....

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